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25th September 2010 London Tattoo

Filming at the ‘London Tattoo Convention 2010′ a German magazine programme for Prosieben, Pro7.
It was presenter led, one of the presenters was getting some more tattoos on his face, which we filmed, ouch!
Its a really interesting event, tattoos have come along way from, Mam and Dad and anchors, or maybe they are now just retro, there are some weird and wonderful sights, I might pop along next year.
This is Lexy one of the presenters

I was using my Digi Beta 790 and a PAG Led top light, which I have finally totally fallen out with.
I have had a long journey trying to get my toplight right, I’m still not there.
My tungsten bulb toplight eat power, very annoying, then when I got my HDW750 it kept blowing the breaker on the camera, so I ended up with a 25w bulb in it, pissing in the wind, you could say, but still the camera would blow after about 1 min of filming.
I purchased a slow start for it £175 then didn’t need it for a while, so after trying it in store I thought I was sorted.
Until one day I was at Wasps waiting for Kelly Brooke and Danny Cipriani, I got the exclusive shot, and as I was walking backwards in front of them my pissy little toplight on 25w, the camera shut down on me, I did get the shots, but nearly smashed it up there and then.
I then bought a LED replacement for the light, another £175 which is not very powerful and a bit of a nasty light source, and now the dimmer is bust, the control on the back is about an inch long sticking out, why??? its just asking to be broken!