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BBC1 Trade you way to the USA

BBC1 Trade you way to the USA post image

I have just been into Leopards edit suites Oct10 and the programmes are looking great.
I spent most of the summer filming this series for Leopard Films, commissioned by CBBC to make 9 programmes, its The Apprentice, meets Car booty, with eleven year olds. Siara Khan (The Apprentice/Beat the Boss) was the presenter, who is great fun to work with.

I shot on DVcam a 570 with a HJ11 lens nearly all on the shoulder. Any lighting tended to be bounced, which I used my 575 HMI bounced of a Lastolight on a stand and a 2kw Blonde.
It was a really good team, I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks to you all :-) X

My Filming blog has loads more photos etc, the series is due for TX in Dec 10.