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Canon 5d Mk11 Promo for the RCN

Canon 5d Mk11 Promo for the RCN post image

I am really pleased with this one. It was shot around London with my canon 5d Mk11 and shows the 5d’s abilities. Its a sensitive subject, Mental Heath Nursing, so it needed to look beautiful and still, but with

a busy feel surrounding the interviewees, which I think we achieved. I used a lightweight kit (one bag), we had an idea of the locations, but it was shot it quite quickly on the hoof.
I recorded the sound through my juicedlink using an ECM77 mic, which isolated the audio in the noiseist of locations.
It was filmed for I-Motus who were commissioned to make the film for the Royal College of Nursing.
If you would like your films to look like this please call.

Link to download the : For iPhone and other MPEG4 players.
{ .mp4 container – H264 video & AAC audio codecs – 680×360 pixels – 44.8 MB }

Click here to visit I-Motus