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Weather that Changed the World / Pioneer Productions

Its been a busy December/January 2013, I am back after filming a series of programmes for Pioneer Productions.
A series of History Documentaries filming in Germany, Greenland, Istanbul,Tenerife, Lithuania and the UK.

Weather that Changed the World is about unusual/severe weather that changed the course of history.
Including a programme about the Titanic and Napoleons catastrophic invasion of Russia, during an unusually cold winter.
It was a mixture of reconstruction, interviews, and experiments.
I shot it all using my Canon C300 kit, which is a nice size to fly with, as well as delivering a lovely image (shooting Clog), we took my slider for tracking shots, still only a small expense with the extra baggage.
We fired Muskets in Lithuania, in Greenland we got snowed in, and in a cold room chamber took the Canon C300 and crew down to -40 degrees to recreate the Russian winter.
It was jolly good fun!

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Sky Arts Birmingham Metal

Yes, thats me with Legends Noddy Holder (a true gent) and Toni Iommi guitarist from Black Sabbath. Filming in High Definition with my Panasonic HPX3000, links with Noddy and Noddy interviewing Toni Iommi, Nalpalm Death and many other bands, managers, etc about the history of Heavy Metal music in Birmingham.
Shown on Sky Arts

Style the Nation T4

May 2011 I shot the VT’s for these series of programmes, made by Two Four productions, for T4, channel 4.
The presenter Nick Grimshaw, finds new Stylists, in a X Factor type format show. Over 6 weeks, I filmed the heat winners, photo shoots, funky Gv’s of each of the cities. We created a studio in a warehouse, all my lights came out! and track, creating a clean, high key, lighting environment. Over several days we shot fashion tips with 2 of the judges, and Nick chose the heat winners.
All shot on Digi Beta……….the pictures still look great ;-)
You can see the show on 4oD