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BBC1 Trade you way to the USA

I have just been into Leopards edit suites Oct10 and the programmes are looking great.
I spent most of the summer filming this series for Leopard Films, commissioned by CBBC to make 9 programmes, its The Apprentice, meets Car booty, with eleven year olds. Siara Khan (The Apprentice/Beat the Boss) was the presenter, who is great fun to work with.
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Jamie Cullum at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2010

Its May I have just finished filming at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2010, what a brilliant event, I love music but have never been much of a Jazzer, I think my mind has been changed I have been “turned on” as they say, to Jazz.
Director/Producer Mike Wiseman was making a short doc about the festival, a behind the scenes for Sky Arts. We were filming performances, interviews, and general atmosphere in High Definition.
I used a light weight kit, Camera HDW750, 2x lenses, tripod, and wireless monitor, I lit all the interviews with my new LED Pag toplight which worked a treat for speedy set ups, all packed in my ruck sack.
For Jamie Cullums interview I had a bit more time, as it was the main interview used my Kino Bar fly and a couple of Dedo lights.
Soundman, Geoff Price, took a feed from the sound desks using a radio mic for good performance sound.

Jamie Cullum was the headline act and blew the roof off Cheltenham Town Hall on the Sunday night, what a performer, I was on stage filming the performance, while Mike filmed from the balcony on my Canon 5d Mk11.
We then filmed an interview with a hungover Jamie, on the Bank Holiday Monday morning, he had been jamming in the Hotel until the early hours of the morning.
He gave a great interview, and what a nice chap he is, go buy his album!

Filming back stage at the Beatboxer Shlomo's gig, The Cheltenham Festival 2010

Filming back stage at Shlomo's gig, The Cheltenham Festival 2010

I think its a rare thing but I have to say that I enjoyed nearly all the acts we filmed, highlighs being Jamie Cullum, Fringe Magnetic, Empirical, the incredible drummer from Polar Bear, Seb Roachford, and Beatboxer Shlomo who is something else, YouTube him or just go and see him you won’t be disappointed ;-)

High Definition Corporate/Fujitsu Global

Its April 2010, and I have just got back from Australia. I have been shooting a promo for Fujitsu, for corporate film makers I-Motus.
Shooting in High Definition I spent 3 days in Sydney filming at the Harbour Bridge/Opera house, Bondi Beach and in the City, with a couple of days off on the beach for good measure.

My Canon 5d Mk11 on one shoulder and my Sony HDW750 over the other with the Sydney Opera House. I flew all the way to Oz to shoot a corporate promo April 2010, I spent 3 days shooting and 2 days on Bondi.

I took my flying kit which I manage to get into to 2 wheelie cases, I do a fair bit of flying so know the exact amount of kit I need, and try to keep it under the excess luggage, 3 dedolights, tripod, batteries, wide angle, wireless monitor, matte box and filters, and a small sound kit. I also squeezed in my Canon 5d Mk11, lenses, viewfinder and monopod, we had to a bit of filming at the airport so it was ideal for a few shots where we didn’t want to cause any undue attention ;-)
I shot the first 3 parts of this promo, Australia, Vienna, and London, and talented cameraman Lee Soterby shot the others, in Boston and Gothenburg.
I’m off to South East Asia in May to do the next leg of the filming!

Link to download the : For iPhone and other MPEG4 players.
{ .mp4 container – H264 video & AAC audio codecs – 680×360 pixels – 44.8 MB }

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