Sky Arts 2 ‘Design Dealers’

I have just finished a 10 week stint filming a series of programmes for independent production company Cineflix, for Sky 1 HD, its a new show called ‘Design Dealers’ so everyone is hoping for a hit!
Joss Stone features in the first

episode, the ‘Design Dealers’ Paul Liengaard and Sarah Brunner find various bits of junk in scrap yards and various other places to design a build a ‘Pagoda style swing in Joss’s garden, she was lovely, Joss and her Mum were very welcoming even baking us all muffins, a very happy crew :-)
link to the trailer
Its a formatted doc, all handheld, some ob doc style, some set ups. I was shooting 25p HD using a Panasonic HPX900 tape camera, for speed, the lighting I used was was minimal, an LED top light and a litepanels LED Bi colour light.

The 'Design Dealers' Sarah Brunner and Paul Liengaard

The 'Design Dealers' Sarah Brunner and Paul Liengaard

The presenters Paul and Sarah did a magnificent job, long filming days and on camera constantly. Mini cams in the Landrover (the vehicle they used to get from place to place) and me relentlessly pointing a camera at them, they were also building and designing for their commissions.
It was the first time they had done anything like this and they have my full admiration, well done chaps!

In the Hub

The ‘Hub’ was a barn in Devon, the kind of nerve centre of operations, its where Paul and Sarah take there junk and re-design and do it up, Tv land style.

Jibbing outside the Hub

More Jib

The Pelirocco Boutique Hotel Brighton

We filmed at the Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton, as we were filming I saw a plague on the wall all about the concept of the Hotel and who had made it happen, I realised that it was my girlfriend from high school when I was 14 years old, Jane Slater and her partner. The next time we filmed there, I met her after 27 years, a right old trip down memory lane.
If you need a hotel in Brighton this is the place to stay!

Outside the Pelirocco

Stoic, AP Gareth Sacala

Well dodgy

One of the commissions was to put a phone box next to a millionare’s swimming pool, to be converted into a shower. They weigh a tonne………..

Double Dodgy

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  1. It was brilliant working with you on this Mark. You were outstanding, as always. Richard Nash Director.u00a0n

  2. Thanks mate, likewise, thanks for your comment, see you soon.u00a0

  3. Hiya Mark!u00a0 Guess what, we JUST FINISHED doing the voiceovers TODAY!!u00a0 YIPPEE!!!n8 week shoot, my arse!u00a0 ha ha!u00a0u00a0 Was great working with you though!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Hope your well and enjoying your travels after our long shoot, hope to see you on the next one……who knows????

  4. Where are all these amazing locations that they buy the stuff from …the neon sign man ???
    It would be good to know …or did the people concerned not want their name locations put on credits..?

  5. I loved this series and hope they commission more, I have long wanted to leave North Yorkshire and spend the day at gods own junkyard -

    1. Hi, not sure whether there is to be another, it depends how it is received, it took a while to get broadcast, glad you enjoyed it.

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