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Arthur Smith SKY ARTS – Documentary Edinburgh Festival

Filming Arthur Smith Interview for SKY ARTS – Edinburgh


« Comedian Arthur Smith takes Sky Arts on a backstage tour at Edinburgh’s biggest Fringe Festival venue, meeting some well known faces – Lionel Blair, Stephen K Amos, Marcus Brigstock – on his way. »

Link to download the video:
iPhone, etc. Version { .mp4 container – H264 video & AAC audio codecs – 512×288 pixels – 37 MB }
You can also watch this video on www.skyarts.co.uk/video…

I shot this documentary using my Sony HDW 750 high definition camcorder, shooting 25p. I used my HJ11 Canon superwide angle lens for most of it. It is a great lens for achieving steady handheld, great looking general views (GV) and I used it for the interviews.

The first interviews you see (purple chairs in the background) were shot in the theatre at The Pleasence Comedy Club, which is a big space and fairly dark, even with the house lights up.
I used a Balkar 4 bar, which is very similar to a Kino Diva with two tungsten tubes and two daylight tubes for the key light, it just made the light a little blue, which seemed to work shooting tungsten 3200k.
I used a 2kw blonde (it doesn’t get used very often) to light the background, the house lights did the rest, they worked as a fill and raised the general light level, lens fully open for minimum DOF (depth of field) a fuzzy background.

The other interviews, Lionel Blair, Steven K Amos, Marcus Brigstock were shot backstage at “School for Scandal” rehearsals. I used my “Kino Flo Barfly”, mini soft light for the key, with tungsten tubes (indoor lighting) a “Dedo” through a little pop up diffuser, to soften it, as my fill, and a “Dedo” to light the back ground, it was fairly tricky, as often when you are on location, you get given a rubbish location for the interview’s, but with a little determination I thought they turned out ok, 3200k (B on the filter wheel) and the lens wide open, for short depth of field. I might have used ND 2 (filter wheel) to get the lens iris wide open. :-)

Hope you like it, and found this information helpful, please leave a comment or any questions.

Happy shootin!