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Mainliners Conference 09

Mainliners Conference 09 post image

This was a real one man band. For this internet film, I shot, recorded the sound, edited, wrote, recorded, performed the the music, and did the interview.

It was commissioned for Mainliners, a Hepititus C Charity, its a short film about their 2009 conference, for their website.

It was all shot in High Def 25p with my Sony HDW 750, HJ11 lens.
For the interviews I used a HMI Dedo through a Chimera (to soften the light) as a key light, and a Tungsten Dedo, with a half blue, for a backlight, which peeps into shot every now and again, but I think I get away it, its tricky when you are doing everything. I cut it in Final Cut.
We also covered the speakers at the conference, for their website, this was shot by producer Becky Waters, on a EX1, I used a few snippets of this footage throughout the film.

My Big Orange Guitar