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Mike Figgis intro’s ‘Set up’

Mike Figgis intro’s ‘Set up’ post image

Using a set of Zeiss Super Speed f1.3 prime lenses, and a Sony HDW 750 shooting HDCam 25p, I filmed these intro’s. Filmmaker, Mike Figgis, introduces some of the most influential, and groundbreaking films, to be shown on Sky Arts.

Lit with a cluster of ‘Dedo’s’ x3, an HMI ‘Dedo’ which is the blue light in the background, and Bar Fly Kino for the Key Light.
Mike’s glasses were a challenge, and the ‘Porta Prompt’ has tinted glass, which takes about a stop of light, because you have the lens wide open to get the shallow depth, I had to use a fair amount of light.
40 links in 2 days, links being amended on the go by Director Mike Wizeman, and Mike Figgis, I think we did ok, a few clips of the results below.

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