Weather that Changed the World / Pioneer Productions

Its been a busy December/January 2013, I am back after filming a series of programmes for Pioneer Productions.
A series of History Documentaries filming in Germany, Greenland, Istanbul,Tenerife, Lithuania and the UK.

Weather that Changed the World is about unusual/severe weather that changed the course of history.
Including a programme about the Titanic and Napoleons catastrophic invasion of Russia, during an unusually cold winter.
It was a mixture of reconstruction, interviews, and experiments.
I shot it all using my Canon C300 kit, which is a nice size to fly with, as well as delivering a lovely image (shooting Clog), we took my slider for tracking shots, still only a small expense with the extra baggage.
We fired Muskets in Lithuania, in Greenland we got snowed in, and in a cold room chamber took the Canon C300 and crew down to -40 degrees to recreate the Russian winter.
It was jolly good fun!

wtctw Tenerife Nov 2012_0353wtctw Jan Lithuania Nov 2012_0442wtctw Jan Lithuania Nov 2012_0429Ben and Tomasz Cold Chamber jan 2013  Nov 2012_0521P1010177P1010167P1010200P1010187P1010208P1010254P1010100P1010111Ben and Tomasz Cold Chamber jan 2013  Nov 2012_0552