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Sky Movies, Astro Boy Interview

Sky Movies, Astro Boy Interview post image

I’ve been lucky enough to film for SKY Movies, Konnie Huq interviewing Feddie Highmore, the voice of the latest Astro Boy blockbuster.

Snow filled the air on, a blustery winters morning Dec 09, we all arrive early, myself, Mark Evans, Lighting Cameraman, Connal Freelan, Sound Recordist Ned, the Director Jackie Negus, and her assistant, the talent comes later, we have 3 hours to rig the room, and make it all look lovely.
We are at the Tavistock Hotel, London, to film Konnie Huq interviewing Feddie Highmore (the voice of Astro Boy) a 2 camera Digi Beta shoot, for Sky.

The Tavistock is a unusual hotel, a has a kind of Boho sheik/ Art Deco style to it, its pretty cool, we get shown to our room….and its not.

Arrghh, is like an eighties Travelodge, if there is such a thing.

Astro Boy Interview The Set

After a lot of deliberation we realise that this is the only space we can film in, we have got to make it look good.

On one side of the room we have some Art Deco style lights, so we take that as one of the backgrounds, the other background is a compromise, but we have a few angles with the wall, which should work. We decide to darken the room as much as possible get rid of the background, then using 2 Dedos with projectors with little gobo’s in them that have a kind of ragged slash design, subtly light, to break-up the background with a hint of light.

We had 2 Kino Diva’s for the Key lights, but had to use a Dedo with some diffuser on one of the shots, as the Kino was a kicking to much on the background.
We make a little viewing area for the Director.

Director Jackie Negus viewing 2 large LCD monitors

With a sprinkling of Dedo’s and 150w Arri’s to light everything else, we jam sinc the camera’s, 2x 790′s, timecodes and away we go.
At the end of the interview we did a few links and idents, and overall I think we managed to pull of a really nice looking interview, in a really naff looking room :-)

Note: this post will be updated when SKY will release the interview on their site.