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Sony F3 /On Demand Tv / Acoustic Music

Sony F3 /On Demand Tv / Acoustic Music post image

Filming with 2x Sony F3′s, 10 acoustic Acts, interviews and links for Virgin On Demand Tv, all in one day in East London at the Roost.

Using Ziess super speeds, I was handheld on an 85mm, Neil Kent the other cameraman was on my Hollywood dolly and track, taking wide shot.
I lit the room with my big soft Balkar light (similar to a Kino Diva) my 575 HMI into a lastolight bounced, and my HMI Dedo as a back light.
The shallow depth of field images from these cameras are beautiful, they are tricky to use, handheld is very uncomfortable, and the viewfinder un-useable, the LCD is not much better, but the images they produce are ideal for this kind of thing.
We recorded in camera to the SxS cards 35mbps.

Head of Production Emma emailed me

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work yesterday. Dom (Exec Producer) said it all looks lovely and Tim (Creative Director) was very pleased with how the day ran. So a big thank you for me.
Take care and thanks again,
Emma Hawkings
Head of Production
On Demand Tv

Soph and I are working on the acoustics this week, they look brilliant! You guys did a sterling job. They have been a real joy to work on in post

Kat Shave
On Demand TV

I was dying to get up with my guitar………..but kept a lid on it!